Stud farm

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Stud Berghoeve

Berghoeve stud is a stud, specializing in young horses. Led by the Van den Bosch family there are young horses trained.

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Jadem Arabians - Christine Jamar

Realisation Geerkens-Hippico: Studfarm & breeding center with AI-insemination center and lab. Indoor school and Luxe boxes.

About Jadem Arabians: Jadem Arabians, founded 29 years ago by Guy and Christine Jamar, is the largest pure Polish Arabian stud in Belgium. The stud, run by Christine is the home of about 45 horses, with an average of 16 foals born each spring. Originally, the Jadem breeding programme was based on Russian bloodlines, but after a few visits to Poland, Christine was thrilled with the beautiful mares she had seen there.
In 1991, the Jamars bought 10 pure Polish Arabian horses in the United States.
Christine is active in many facets of the breed. Every July she organizes a popular National show at her farm. All the proceeds of this show go to an organisation for the mentally challenged in her village. She is also an international judge with the privilige of a critical eye which contributes greatly to her breeding program as well as showring success. "My goal has always been to create a family of 20 or so top quality mares, all pure Polish, that produce exceptional foals every year," says Christine.
"I especially enjoy helping a mare give birth. To watch the wet foal shaking its head and looking amazed into a new world for the first time, is a very special thrill. Then I also look at the foal, critically, to see if I did my job the year before. To breed a good foal gives me the greatest satisfaction ...much more so than winning in the showring!"